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Subject: family debt - part 9Claire's ViewBy morning the events of last night were taking on an air
of unreality, but the sight of Samantha sitting in her
kitchen with her bare feet up on the table soon put paid
to that. She instantly remembered the taste of her
sister's arsehole, and the memory of her children and her
father watching as she tongued it. Her father not only
watching, but filming her humiliation. She blushed to the
roots of her hair, and she noticed her sister noticing
it."Dad let me in," Samantha said, wriggling her toes while
her eyes never left Claire's scarlet face. "He's taken
your sissy hubby to work." She looked at the long pastel
blue nightdress which Claire was wearing. "Take that
off," she ordered.Numbly she pulled the nightdress up over her head,
revealing her nude body. Samantha smiled, running her
gaze down her sister's body, and wriggled her toes again."You like my feet, sis?" she asked. "You think they're
pretty.""They look fine, Samantha," she replied sullenly."Ah now, sis," Samantha sneered. "That doesn't sound very
convincing. Come here, you stuck up bitch, and give them
a kiss to show them you mean it."Claire stepped forward, looking down at her sister's
feet. She did preteen bbs lol rompl find them very attractive, and that was a
thought she could not have imagined having before last
night. But then that had been true of many of her
thoughts as she had laid sleepless and alone in their bed
overnight. She leant down and kissed each of Samantha's
feet on the ball just below each big toe."Nice," said Samantha. "Now give each toe topless teen lolita lo
a little suck.
Just as if they were a row of miniature cocks."Claire took each of her sister's toes into her mouth,
sucking briefly before moving on to the next. She was
nearly finished with the task when she sensed someone
behind her in the doorway."Morning. Steve," Samantha said, confirming it. "Morning,
Dawn. Your Mum's just got to finish sucking my toes
before she makes your breakfast. Nice view, Steve?""Very nice indeed," she heard her son say, and could not
prevent the deep blush that coloured her body."Come here, both of you," .she told them commandingly.They both came into Claire's field of vision, and she
could not help but notice the huge bulge in her son's
pyjama bottoms. I did that, she thought wonderingly. The
sight of my body did that. Standing there in the doorway
he had looked at my pussy and my bum as I bent over
Samantha's feet and it made him hard. For the first time
in a long time, she felt her pussy grow damp without any
physical attention at all."Take out your brother's cock, Dawn," Samantha ordered
quietly.She saw Dawn unhesitatingly reach into the slit in the
pyjamas and pull out Steve's hard cock. She stood there
holding it, her fingers gently rubbing it."Your first feel of a cock, Dawn?" Samantha asked."Not my first," Dawn answered quietly.Samantha laughed. "You'll have to tell me about that
later," she said. "Your first feel of your brother's,
anyhow. You reckon your Mum should taste it?""I think she should," Dawn said, with that little smile
she had shown last night."Make her," Samantha said.Claire felt Dawn grab her by the hair, and then pull her
head towards Steve's cock which she still held. She
resisted a second but that just made Dawn pull harder on
her hair, and then her son's hard cock was touching her
lips. She could smell it and taste, and without thinking
about it she opened her lips and took the head into her
mouth. It swelled even more inside her mouth, and she
heard Dawn give out a little giggle."My Mum's a cocksucker," Dawn said, "Just like my Dad.""We'll have to check out who's the better sometime,"
Samantha said. "But enough for now. You kids need a good
breakfast inside you. Let her go so she can get it ready,
Dawn."Claire felt loli portal preteen nude
Dawn's hand leave her hair and then Steve's
cock slipped out lolita young preteen hussy
of her mouth. She stood up, licking her
lips to an amused smile from Samantha, and reached for
her nightdress."Did I tell you dress, bitch?" Samantha demanded, the
smile disappearing.Claire took her hand from the nightdress, and stood there
acutely aware of her children examining her naked body.
And of the glistening treacherous moisture around her
pussy. It was bad enough being made to do these things,
but now her body was betraying to them all that it also
excited her. She cringed inside."I'll get the breakfasts," she said, trying and failing
to sound normal.As she pottered naked about the kitchen, Steve and Dawn
settled themselves around the table with their aunt."You're coming to the gymn with us, Dawn," she heard
Samantha say. "We're going to have a bit of fun there.
And don't look so crestfallen, Steve. I've got a little
something for you too. I'm going to leave you with your
father's passwords for his computer, and you can explore
his dirty little world to your heart's content."Claire brought four bowls of cereal to the table.
Samantha looked down at them and then up at her. "Put
yours on the floor," she said. "You can eat it there.,
And don't bother with a spoon."Placing her bowl on the floor of the kitchen, Claire got
down on her knees and dipped her head to the bowl.
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